One year studying in the United States of America

After finishing High School I’ve applied to an international school in the United States and got accepted. So I had to start the planning. First of all no matter what age you need to apply for a student visa if you want to study in the USA – which includes lots of waiting surveys and other paperwork to do. After finally receiving my new passport, student visa and filling in all the documents required I could finally focus on what is really important!

What to bring when leaving for a whole year? One or two suitcases? What do I really need? Check out here.

Landing at LAX – Los Angeles airport my first impression of the country was a really good one! It’s warm, it’s sunny and there’s so much to discover. After arriving in my accommodation and unpacking I decided to discover the area of Whittier.

SL375757 copy

Whittier is a friendly, small town in southern California, not too far away from Los Angeles Downtown. If you want to stay in southern California but don’t wanna stay in a big city with lot’s of traffic and cars Whittier would be a great choice. It’s a quiet and comparatively cheap place not far from all the sights & attractions offered in the area such as Hollywood, beautiful beaches like Laguna Beach, Malibu Beach or Santa Monica Beach. Travelling by car will be more convenient as the public transportation system is quite confusing around L.A. and it will take some time to get to your destination. A good place for renting a car could be enterprise as their prices are fair, the cars are in good condition and it’s close to many accommodations so you can walk there. Once the care is hired nothing can stop you from travelling CA.

4 thoughts on “One year studying in the United States of America

  1. Good for you! I really envy you as I never got the opportunity to travel for school, so I’m trying very hard to squeeze time in every chance I can get. And it’s much harder with a job (especially the kind that doesn’t require you to travel). Looking forward to seeing more adventures through your eyes this year. 🙂

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    • Ohh thank you so much for your nice words I really appreciate it 😊
      I post alot more adventures soon so stay tuned 😀

      Oh yes I know what u mean I’m studying through an distance school then I’m having a job (which doesn’t require travelling ) and then I’m also engaged in a sports club
      Besides that I’m travelling.
      so… yes I’m really buuusyy hehe but I like it 😊😄


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