A weekend in Rome



Of course it’s always better to stay longer at a place than only 2 or 3 days, but if you just don’t have  the time here’s a great tip when only spending a weekend in Rome.


What I usually do is gather as much information as possible from the place going – Rome in this case – write down a list of which things you wanna see and visit.  And plan your trip in advance.

Here my list of the Top 10 things to see in Rome123123


Another great idea might be to book a tour including the sights you wanna see, some people like exploring by themselves but for me I like haiving a guided tour around town when time is restricted.


And so I made to lot’s of great places in Rome in only 2 days.


Friday I arrived at 10pm at the airport, I took  a short look at the town at night and then checked into my hotel. When travelling for a weekend it’s always smart to book a hotel in downtown so you will be quickly at all the sights and public transportation. In Rome the best place to book a hotel is right from the Tevere River and left from Termini Station – which is the grant station. From here it’s very easy to get anywhere in Rome even to the airport. A bus takes about 80 mins the train about 40.



Public transportation in Rome is pretty easy there’s lots of busses but the best way to get from one place to another is using the Metro station. There is a red A and a blue B metro line which take mostly everywhere. A yellow C line is in constraction.

Back to Rome. It’s a beautiful town, perfect for photography and sightseeing. There’s so much history I loved all those ancient buildings and remains. The number one sight is the colosseum of course, followed by the trevi fountain, the pantheon and the roman forum.

But also the Vatican is a big tourist spot and a most go when in Rome.


On Saturday I’ve been up pretty much the whole day, walking around Rome trying to see as much as possible in one day. The good thing is that all the sights are pretty close and can be therefore seen in a day if you don’t mind long days. Another great idea is to buy skip the line tickets for the attractions you wanna visit, at the colloseum this can save you alot of precious time.

My favorite parts were definitely the colloseum of course, the Piazza Navona and Forum Romanum and the Palatin.


Last but not least on Sunday I was able to catch up on all the left places on my list. Like the Pyramid and Maximus Circus.


The bottom line is…Rome is a spectacular city and a most go if you love ancient history and beautiful scupltures. And of course to see the Vatican 😉



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