My first LAX experience



I’ve had never been away from home for so long! To be honest I was a little scared when I was sitting in the plane. The flight was schedule for 11 hours but it seemed to go so fast! When only 3 hours were left I knew it’s getting real now! And suddenly I wished that I would have a few more hours left. When we were flying over Canada and the Grand Canyon I knew I hand’t much more time on the plane.

And then we landed…

I was hella nervous when getting off the plane. Unfortunatly the staff on board gave me the wrong visa application and so I had some trouble at the passport control. After I was waiting for a long time the guy at the control send me back to get a new form and to come back when I had completed it.

Great… So after waiting forever again in line I finally had the correct papers and was  allowed to pass the passport control.

Besides the fact that I was really nervous and tired as I hadn’t been sleeping for more than 48 hours I was now shocked and scared as well. Because when  I finally had reached the baggage claim.. guess what??

Yes.. it was already closed as it was already prepared for new baggage and my suitcase was gone. Now I was just absoluely shocked.



When I was heading to the exit and the 2nd passport control I was asked about my luggage, when I’ve had told my story I was given advice and already felt a little better. I was running through the whole airport to get my luggage back but nobody was really able to help me…

I was also really concerned as I was supposed to get picked up from one of the college staff.  And hoped they would wait for me.

When I had finally reached the information desk from my airline and they came towards me with my suitcase I was totally relieved.

As I then saw someone holding a sign with my name on it my day was made and I was completely happy again.

When I had finally reached my destination it was already in the middle of the night and it was a strange feeling to sleep the first time in my new home but I was happy and relieved and extremely tired.


Now my advanture could start!



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