My college life in L.A.

Yes.. of course I had imagined college life abroad in the USA great and fun. I was excited and full of expectations but I would have never even dreamed of what it really was like! Things turned out to be far beyond my expectations. Sure there were good days and not so good days but I would never wanna treat this experience for anything in the world.   On my first day I met my Japanese friend who was my best friend the whole time we started this year together and finished it together as well. We shared everyhing and it was the most amazing thing ever.  And still we are friends and seeing each other now and then. Besides here I made many friends from many different countries and still have contact to some of them. Love meeting them on my travels.   296813_209510179104462_100001364431195_520111_1018029_n

But back to my college life… My daily routine was getting up in the morning getting dressed and already meeting my friends in he hallways of our dormitory. Then me and my friends went to the campus cafeteria together for breakfast. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet.. 3 times a day.. each day!! You won’t be surprised when I tell you I soon gained my freshman 15 O: But after discovering the campus gym and swimming pool I soon got this. After breakfast we would go to school. The morning lessons were always a lil boring and but our teachers were really fun and so class wasn’t even so bad. The afternoon classes were more fun though!


For 3 reasons

1. Afternoon class was with my favourite teacher.. whos pretty  much the best teacher I had in my whole life
2. It was less serious and often with excursions.
3. We pretty often ditched afternoon class but my teacher was cool with it ;D

In the afternoons we would always hangout together we either had planned a trip or just went to the nearby beaches, Santa Monica or Malibu and have dinner after. Or we were just hanging around downtown, went shopping or sometimes we just didn’t do anything. Anyways it was actually always fun and no matter what we did, we did it together therefore it was always fun. At the weekend we often had planned trips to themeparks, such as Six Flags and Disneyland. Or went further away to other fun places such as San Francisco, San Diego or Las Vegas. We always had something to do. And when it was too hot to be outside we would sit in our ventilated living room and watch American TV.


I think in this year I discovered more and learned more than I had in my whole life before. I was able to travel all over California and got to visit Arizona and Nevada. I made great friends, the best friends I could imagine! Our whole life over there was just like a dream and coming back was just like waking up again. It’s a dream you do not wanna wake up from but sooner or later everything ends. Now I look back to it with a happy and a sad face. Happy because it was an amazing time and it makes me happy thinking of our adventures. Sad because I miss this my USA home and friends.   Nevertheless, life goes on and I am already excited to meet my friends during my travels again.


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