Welcome to Iceland

So here I am sitting in the airplane to Iceland writing my first cellphone block entry so I hope the layout and all will be alright :D.

Me and my friend decided to do this trip in summer for 2 reasons:
2)midnight sun!

Already sitting in the plane we soon realized even though it’s getting later and later outside it’s getting brighter and brighter…

Waking up after a short nap and being blinded by the sun won’t really let you assume it’s 1 AM but a look at the clock will assure you.

It’s really crazy! We arrived at KEF airport at 2 in the morning and it’s so bright ouside the whole night is just a looong sunset but before the sun gets to set it already is rising again.
Long story short. .. in Iceland you wear sunglasses at night!

I am really exited what this trip will be like and I can’t wait to start it.


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