Whale watching and The Golden Circle

So the past two days in Iceland have been pretty crazy! It’s colder than I expected July to be but the stunning nature just got me like… 😍😍😍


So yesterday we’ve been whale watching and exploring the city of Reykjavic.

Reykjavic is really small for a capital it it’s really cute and got its own charme.
The harbor is stunning and if you are as lucky as us you get a fog free day to see the mountains and glacier on the other site.


On our boat trip we departed from the port of Reykjavic and were going north towards the polar circle. During our trip we got to see seals and dolphins jumping through the water. We were even lucky enough to catch a short look at a whale swimming by.

It’s been pretty freezing though so I recommend you being always hat, scarf and gloves with you – trust me you will need it.


Same applies when you are touring the golden circle. It’s stunning and crazy beautiful but also crazy windy! It literally just blew us away. Barely strong enough to walk against the wind. It’s been so crazy. Owing to the temperature there are no tornadoes in Iceland but their storms are crazy strong.
The beautiful nature it’s totally worth it anyways!

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