Our first day on the Ring Road


Our first day of travelling the Ring Road started off in Reykjavic heading to Keflavik airport to pick up our car. 😀


Now that we got everything prepared we were more than ready to start our trip.

We were heading from Keflavik to Hafnarfjördur – The city of elfes 🙂

Very cute little town right next to the ocean.

Then we continued our way up to Grundarfjördur and made our way around the Snaefellesjökull national park – Hellssandur – Olafsvik – Snaefellsjökull.

As everywhere in Iceland it was incredibly gorgeous and beautiful and there are so many spots to visit!!

After the national park we were heading north to a little Guesthouse somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully we had a good GPS with us.

The weather conditions in Iceland change quick and so we had to deal with several different kinds of weather mostly it was pretty cloudy and extremely foggy which made driving not as easy.


But after almost 700 Kilometers and 13 hours on the road we made it to our first night stopover in Saudafkrökur.

It’s been a pretty long day but already on our first day we were amazed by how beautiful this country is.



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