Horse Back Riding, Black Sand Beaches and Puffins – What a day!

Day 4


Continuing our journey…


Today we went all the way down in the south to a little town called Vik. This places is famous for its black sand beaches and if you are lucky you can spot some puffins at the open bird sanctionary.

When we arrived in Vik we were already greeted by the beautiful black beaches and as usual it was extremely windy therefore the waves were massive. There just three rocks raising in the air on which the water crashed and splashed up high.
In front of the beaches there is the German memorial stone. This stone was  remembers the 1,000 seamen, which lost their lives on German fishing boats in Icelandig waters and at the same time it is meant to thank the numerous Icelandic helpers, who always took care and could save many lifes. Continue reading