Horse Back Riding, Black Sand Beaches and Puffins – What a day!

Day 4


Continuing our journey…


Today we went all the way down in the south to a little town called Vik. This places is famous for its black sand beaches and if you are lucky you can spot some puffins at the open bird sanctionary.

When we arrived in Vik we were already greeted by the beautiful black beaches and as usual it was extremely windy therefore the waves were massive. There just three rocks raising in the air on which the water crashed and splashed up high.
In front of the beaches there is the German memorial stone. This stone was  remembers the 1,000 seamen, which lost their lives on German fishing boats in Icelandig waters and at the same time it is meant to thank the numerous Icelandic helpers, who always took care and could save many lifes.



Driving on we went to see the Solheimasandur plance wreck. The crew of the plane had to effect an emergency landing in 1973 but luckily everybody survived. The remains of the plane are still there at the black beach.  Now this place became a real tourist hot spot.
You can even get into the plane. I really can recommend going there when in Iceland. You will find it when you drive on the Nr. 1 from Vik to Reykjavic after the 220 you will see on the the left site some wooden boards which will lead you offroad. Keep on driving on this “way” I really recommend you to take out an insurance that covers damage to your car through stones you WILL need this at several places.

Our next stop… the puffin bird sanctionary! It’s not an ordinary sanctionary it’s all nature and you can come and leave just like you want to. The paths on which people are allowed are marked so the birds can live in peace and don’t have to be scared of tourists while they can take pictures of them. This spot is also located at the black beach just right behind the little town of Vik.


These little birds definitely count to my favourite animals, eventhough I expected them to be bigger. I though they’d have the size of a penguin but turns out they are rather canary bird sized (a little bigger).
Nevertheless they are expremely cute and coverd with a beautiful color pattern.

Heading to Skogar where you can admire the amazing Skogarfoss and where we went horse back riding through the wilderness of Iceland, flowerfields, through rivers and along the black beach passing the Skogarfoss. A really amazing experience I just really can recommend to everyone. I love Iceland ponies!

The next stop on our list is was also our last… spectacular Seljalandsfoss! This breathtaking waterfall is also located in the south and you can even go behind the falls! I suggest you take a raincoat or anything relating with you as you will get wet for sure. And keep in mind… Icland is 95% cold and very windy. Believe me.. you want a coat! 😀
Anyways.. we were lucky enough to experience the falls with the sun shining, blue skies and a rainbow. 🙂


What a day.. It’s been a long day but every second of it was amazing and worth it!




18 thoughts on “Horse Back Riding, Black Sand Beaches and Puffins – What a day!

  1. Puffins! Puffiiiiinnnnns!

    Ever since I saw these freakish little birds at the Bronx Zoo, I have been one of their biggest fans. Where my sister wanted to see the penguins, I only wanted to see the puffins.

    And that river on the grassland! Wish I could be there!

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