New Years in Prague

Wait… What ?

A New Years Post in the middle of summer?!
Well yes!

This blog has just recently been created this all is still so new to me and so I gotta catch up on a lot of stuff. I’ve got so much more to tell you about.
So let’s start off.

December 2014 / January 2015 we have celebrated in Prague. Well what can I say but this town is one of the must beautiful capitals ever and shoud get way more attention then it does at present. The buildings look so old fashioned but everything matches so well and it just looks like a beautiful historical town which on the other has been renewed as everything is so clean and proper it simply looks perfect.
But not just the buidlings in Prague also the scenery and nature is just gorgeous.

Our trip lasted 4 days.
On our first day ( Dec. 31 2014) we arrived in Prague at 21:00 so we had just enough time to bring our back to our accommodation and head off to the Carls Bridge.
Our accommodation was a little hotel in Prague 5. Boroughs in Prag are seperated by numbers. So Prague 1 would be the city center. The higher the numbers the further away it is from the center of the town, therfore I would recommend you getting a place to stay somewhere between 1 and 6.
You can also check it out on the map. In Prague 5 it took us about 20 to reach the city center which wasn’t a problem at all the Czech subway system is really simple and very cheap aswell.
Just like everything there. I must say that everything there is just really cheap considering it’s Europe.

Therefore Prague is one of the perfect places on earth. Beautiful town. Cheap prices. Nice people.
And most of all…
It’s just right around the corner. (For me)


Back to Dec. 31 we headed off to the Carls Bridge where already several people were waiting for the big firework. When it finally was 00:00 and all the amazing Fireworks had started the bridge was more than just crowded. It was completely full with people no chance of getting on or off the bridge but considering the wonderful view we had who would?


The other days we spent walking around town discovering new places an the nature around the town.

It was an amazing time and if you don’t know where to go for your next trip then take Prague into account – you sure will love it!


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