Crazy in Amsterdam

Me and my friend decided to go to Amsterdam for his birthday. I had never been there before and so had not really an idea of this place.
But Amsterdam is a fun place!


On our first day we went to the beach. Tbh I didn’t know there was a beach close but you can take a train for 8 Euro and get off directly at the beach after about a 20 minute drive.
It’s been quite cool but we had lot’s of fun! We can really recommend the seafood offered everywhere around the beach as it is absolutely tasty .
I love seafood and this one is really recommendable!

On our second day we went to Keukenhof Garden with is a huge garden with hundreds of tulips. It’s beautiful! To get there you’ ll need some time as it is a little far out of Amsterdam.
But it’s totally worth it! The flowers shine in all different colors and they also have a little petting zoo with sheep, chicken, rabbits and many other sweet animals.
The flowers only bloom in spring so if you wanna go you should consider that.


Another day we took a boat cruise on the Canals of Amsterdam and went to see the Anne Frank House.


On our last day we went to a fair which was located in the City Center.

12 thoughts on “Crazy in Amsterdam

  1. It’s a wonderful city! I was there back in 1986, and even tried to get/buy the menu from the Hard Rock Cafe’, but they wouldn’t let me have it! LOL! Fantastic history there as well! Thank you for sharing!

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