Happy Birthday to meeee! Paris and Disneyland ♥

So hello people!

It’s August 02 again and it’s my birthday! 😀

Me and my friend decided to go to Paris for a few days over my birthday.
So here we are rockin’ Paris!

20140801_173325  20140801_171504  20140802_225318

Wow I don’t even know where to begin! This is my frist time in Paris. Of course I know what it looks like from pictures and movies but still it’s so amazing to actually seeing it in real life!

On our first day, of course, we had to do a sightseeing tour! We’ve visited pretty much everything. Starting with the Eiffeltower. Yes we’ve been up all the way to the top but nope we  didn’t walk up we took an elevator as far as possible. The last last to the top you gotta walk since there’s no elevator but that was okay. I could have never walked all those stairs up it doesn’t seem that much from outside but once you start walking (esp. at 34 degrees C) you feel like dying. Well.. I would.. and I saw many people whos face expression said the same 😀

20140801_164831 20140801_165011 20140801_165128
20140801_165706  20140801_172401  20140801_165504


Up to the top you’ll have an amazing few over the whole city! It’s beautiful .. but..the most important sight is of course missing on your panorama because you are standing on it. BUT there’s a quite good solution. There is a tower on the other site of the town with a platform at floor 55 or higher from where you can take amazing panorama pictures.

20140801_195738  20140801_200250  20140801_195745

After that we took a boat cruise on the Seine River to see the town from another perspective.

There’s so many people around and so many people on the streets trying to see their stuff it’s really crazy! I’ve been to many capital cities but this is really crazy never saw something like that.
But there’s also a lot of tourists so you shouldn’t be scared of people there will always be hundreds. We met many crazy people there I can tell you.. 😀

Another stop on our way was the Sacre Coeur church and of course Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre.

20140801_154949  20140801_150808  20140730_184654
20140801_145837  20140801_151504  20140801_145917

Check out my part two of my b-day weekend coming up soon to read about Disnely 🙂

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