Birthday Weekend 2.0 Disneyland Paris ♥

Today we went to Disneyland Paris ♥


20140731_171203Wow I loved it ! It’s amazing and breathtaking and all at once!
First of all I love how clean everything is there. Technically you could eat from the ground and it wouldn’t be a problem. Second of all I love how they build up everything so cute and beautiful. It’s just a typical Disney Park I love the all. Disneyland Paris is my fourth Disney Park.
But still they never get boring. I could go there all the time because they give you a feeling like you are entering another world. No problems, no reality no nothing just fun and excitement!

That’s why I am a big fan of themeparks in general.

20140731_105252  20140731_105845  20140731_104841
20140731_110255  20140731_134300  20140731_134449

But let’s start off at the beginning.
For breakfast we, of course, had Croissant and Baguette. Breakfast is mostly not included in the Hotel price and is an additional 10EUR which is expensive for breakfast. But when in Paris everything is expensive so compared to the fact it’s Paris it’s probably cheap 😀

20140731_110539 20140731_133550
20140731_212711 20140731_175125

We went to Disney by subway and train. The Paris Metrosystem is diveded in colors so if you’ve got a metro plan you are safe. To get to Disney you need a train and just go until you reach the final stop. You’ll know when you are there believe me 😀

20140731_201943 20140731_104805
20140731_111840 20140731_170703

I love the excitement before going to a themepark it’s all so crazy and amazing and you just wanna finally start the fun.

20140731_193116    20140731_174947  20140731_223403

Another thing I really love about Disney Parks are the amazing shows and firework they offer. One of my favorite things ever! 😀

IMG-20140801-WA0003 IMG-20140801-WA0001
20140731_231546_LLS 20140731_232052_LLS


14 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend 2.0 Disneyland Paris ♥

  1. I find it interesting so many people love Disneyland. It is a nice place, but when I was there I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would. I’m sure I would love it if I would visit 10-15 years earlier, but in my mid-20s I couldn’t get rid of the feeling I’m way too old for most of the attractions. 🙂


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