Saltmine of Kraków – Kopalnia Soli “Wieliczka “


Today I wen to the Saltmine in Kraków it’s a mine 300 meters under ground with 9 floors, 2000  chambers and more than 300 square meters it would take like 6 months to discover the whole mine.
To tourists 20 chambers and 3 floors are available which already takes 2-3 hours to visit. There’s a lot to walk, you will walk about 3 kilometers and will still see only 1 % of the whole mine.

The 9th floor is completely flooded by water and therefore cannot be visited.


Famous people like kings, Göthe and Pope Johannes Paul have visited that place and so they put up sculptures made of salt of them.

Inside the mine you’ll see lots of rooms floors and sculptures all made of salt. Even some of the stairs are made of salt.


If you want to take pictures you need to buy a permission which costs 10 złoty that’s about 2.50 €

Also the mine is ventilated so there’s always a constant temperature of 14-16 degrees.


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