Auschwitz Birkenau


Today was such a moving day..

Today I’ve been to Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz Birkenau.


P1010868 P1010872
P1010970 P1010933

Auschwitz 1 was like the first camp they have established in that area. Workers were sent to place quite far away to work there but soon they realized that all takes way too long and so they let them people build up more camps.

That’s how Birkenau was created. It used to be a polish village but then the Nazis came and conquered it. They’ve moved the people and destroyed the village. The building material was used to build up the concentration camp.

P1010980 P1010929
P1010935 P1010915

Birkenau is the biggest one of the three ones around Kraków. And I think it’s the biggest of them all. It’s massive around 120 hectares just nothing but fields and their baraks.

Around 700-800 people have lived in one of them. Having nothing.. no water no toilets or sinks just simply nothing but themselves. And their “beds” which they had to share with 2 or 3 people.

Walking along those ways knowing what had been going on there just a few years ago is horrible and scary.
Walking where these people have died and been through so much gives me shivers. And even though I have heated about all of this in school and books and documentaries going to Auschwitz makes it all much more real! Can’t believe this actually happened…


I think for us today it’s  impossible  to imagine what they’ve been through. I never met a Auschwitz survivor but if I’d pay my respects and would love to hear their stories.

Auschwitz. .. creepy place.

PS: sorry!!!!!!! It took so long but I had no wifi connection and everything was slow and didn’t work and urgh, so .. really sorry but there you go 😉

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