Stare Miasto – Rynek Glowny – Wawel Castel

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Here I am back with a new Post about Krakow. This town is amazing, it’s not only absolutely stunning but also has so much history. Wherever you look, you discover something amazing.

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The Wawel Castle is located up on the Wawel Hill. No Krakow vacation is complete without visiting the Wawel Hill and castle. You also have a great view of the town from up there. It’s a must see when in Krakow.

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Stare Miasto is the old town of Krakow, it’s beautiful the buildings are very old style which makes them so special. Generally the whole town is build in the old style, which is what I love about it so much. When you visit Krakow I promise you, you’ll love it there.

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Rynek Glowny is the main square/market; a stunning place in the heart of the city. Here you can walk through the old cloth halls to shop for souvenirs of all kinds, the saint mary’s basilica and a little fountain are found in the middle of the square.

Once every hour one member of the fire brigade, who stays in the tower, plays the trompet 4 times out of every window , once in every direction. This is a tradition that has lived on for years already.

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Don’t miss to see Krakow at night as it becomes even more beautiful when everything will be illuminated.

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If you get the chance to go on a ride with one of the many horse-drawn carriages, you should do so – they are one of Krakow’s city symbols and also are the horses very cute!
You’ll see these carriages everywhere in town. If you wanna go on a ride with one of them the Main Market is the pefect place.

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