Krakow: Jewish District, The former Jewish Ghetto and Schindler’s factory.

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Kazimierz is the jewish district in Krakow. We’ve visited a really nice Synagoge with a jewish grave yard. Still many visitors come to this grave yard to pay their respects. Back at the time of the second world war the people would hide the graves under the surface so they wouldn’t be destroit by the Nazis.
The movie “Schindler’s list” was filmed here and if you have seen the movie you can spot some familiar places.

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Schindler’s factory is in the Podgorze. It’s a little further from the center so if you have your accommodation at the center you should take a taxi there. In my opinion this place is another must visit. You should be there really early in the summer months they open at 9 am I have arrived at 8:30 am and was therefore able to enter first 😀
When leaving the exhibition there was a huge queue waiting and the space inside is limited. Around 800 people can go there at once.. they count down the amount of people.

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It’s an amazing exhibition about life in the Nazi occupied Poland; Krakow in particular. You can watch mo20150812_104809vies, documentaries and interviews of people who’ve actually worked there at the little cinemas and read about the polish history. I love how accutare everything was build inside, they even have small basements representing the little halls people had to hide in. They offer a lot of media and information and free wifi (if you are as addicted as I am ;D )
Really a great place and definitely on my must do list for Krakow.

Podgorze is the former Jewish Ghetto of the town and is now one of the poorer districts of Krakow. It is located further from the center and you’ll have to cross the river to get there.
If you are walking through Podgorze it is pretty likely that you’ll see these chairs standing randomely around.
These are a memorial for all the Jews and shall remind us of what has happened here in these streets.


8 thoughts on “Krakow: Jewish District, The former Jewish Ghetto and Schindler’s factory.

  1. My fiance and I dream of taking a tour of Europe, and while we’re there, this is DEFINITELY on our list (I have always had a mild obsession with the Holocaust and any form of Resistance work). I may never actually get there, but THANK YOU for posting pictures, so that people like me can see what these locations I’ve read about for over 25 years actually look like!

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    • Aww thank you so much for your nice comment! Oh you totally should go there! I’m very interested in this topic aswell and generally the second world war. If you go to europe you totally have to visit poland esp. Krakow and warszawa they have so much history!
      Just like Berlin.
      Hope you ll be able to travel europe it’s a big piece of history 😊😊

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