Zakopane & Tatra Mountains

20150811_152115 KopieΒ 20150811_152745 Kopie1

On our last full day in Poland we went to Zakopane, Zakopane is a little mountain city that is 2 hours from Krakow by car. You can go there by bus or train as well but it may take longer.
Anyways it is totally worth it, if you are a lover of mountains and polish architekture. All buildings there have their own style, Zakopansky style.
Many houses are made of wood and the roofs have been set deep as winters can be really hard here.

P1020201 Kopie
Zakopane is the winter capital of Poland – You love skiing, mountains and trekking? You are right in Zakopane. I’ve visited it in summer though as I am not a big fan of skiing neither of snow or winter πŸ˜€

But it’s a nice place at any season. On the main street in the city center you can go shopping and eat traditional polish food at one of the many restaurants along the street.
On the other site there’s a Polish market on which you can buy Polish food as well but also cloths, candy, accessoirs and much more.
P1020203 KopieΒ P1020229 Kopie
P1020165 Kopie
Behind the market there’s a lift you can take to get up to the Tatra mountains, but if you like to you can walk up aswell. The lift takes about 3 minutes to take you there though.
Up on the mountains you can enjoy a beautiful view over Zakopane and again you can find many little shops offering souvenirs, food or other stuff like toys or ice cream.

P1020193 Kopie
P1020233 Kopie

To get back down we took a chairlift which I really loved as you can enjoy the amazing view from here much better!

20150811_152745 KopieΒ Β 20150811_152943 Kopie

Later we went to a little village called ChochoΕ‚Γ³w .It’s such a cute place and compleltely Zakopansky style.
All houses and churches are made of wood.
This place is located at the border to Slovakia.

If you want there is some houses you can even go inside. People dont mind because this is their job. Showing their houses to turists and some of them even carve amazing, beautiful sculptures of wood. Which can be bought right there.

P1020128 Kopie P1020139 Kopie
P1020145 Kopie Β P1020173 Kopie

35 thoughts on “Zakopane & Tatra Mountains

  1. Lovely photos. Did you try their smoked chesse, I really liked it with the local beer. I remember the steep roofs, and thinking that winter must be hard. Of course, the deep snow is the reason there’s skiing here! I went in summer, and tried to walk up the mountains on a sunny day. Within an hour there was a huge downpour which left me completely drenched!

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    • I read the page but I don’t quite understand. .
      You wanna send out postcards to random people ?
      Do we have to pay for it ?
      Why do you need 100 people ?
      Sorry I don’t quite get it


  2. Cool! I don’t get opportunities to explore Europe a lot since I don’t live there. Just to share a mountain for mountain, I went to a mountain city a month ago in Lijiang China, although my post does’t mention or show much of the mountain photos, just snippet of how things are like on this side: I’m going to another mountain area this weekend, will show you photos from that trip later!

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