Oktoberfest Guide 2015

Hey guys!
Soon it’s this time of the year again. .. The German Oktoberfest is about to begin again.
This year it’ll start at 19.09.2015! And last 2 weeks πŸ™‚

Actually I didn’t want to make a post about it but since Munich is my town -born and raised and still live there-
I thought I make this post to let you guys know some facts, tips & tricks which you may didn’t know yet.

Okay.. where to begin….

First of all I wanna tell you about 3 rumors that are absolutely not true!
1) Beer tents, Lederhosen and Dirndl (traditional dress) are BAVARIAN! Many people think it’s a German thing.. NO! IT’S NOT! IT’S BAVARIAN!
Bavaria is a state in Germany and Munich is the capital.Sorry just had to get this off my chest.
2) Referring to no. 1 No! Not all Germans wear Lederhosen all the time! Hosen are for man, Dirndl for woman and again it’s a Bavarian thing.
3. Many people (especially not European ) have already asked me if we weare these clothes every day.. er.. no ? Of course not xD
Most countries have traditional outfits. . And they are only worn at special occasions. This is ours.

As you may have already noticed the Oktoberfest is mainly taking place in September. . So many people ask why? 
The reason is quite simple .. It has to do with the weather conditions which are better in September. We wanna celebrate with good weather. It used to be in Oktober but wheater conditions changed the schedule.

Why is there an Oktoberfest at all?
Well.. actually you can compare it with the American Thanksgiving, ( we just have a diffident way of celebrating xD) harvest festival that’s why it’s taking place in autumn and not in summer.

You wanna go to Oktoberfest ?
Here are some things you should know…

1) Munich is the most expensive city in Germany, with the beginning of the Oktoberfest the prices are raising even more therefore be careful with your purchase and rethink if they might just want to rip you off.
2) our “Moaß ” (one glass of beer) which always should be 1 liter, will get more expensive each year. This year it’s said to be more than 10 Euro which is freaking expensive for 1 liter! So if you want to save some money.. The earlier you take part the cheaper it gets ;D
3) NEVER EVER COME BY CAR! Just a simply rule every should go by just simply for the reason
a) you are not allowed to park anywhere near
b) if you park your car there anyways they’ll have it picked up and will charge you outrageous expensive fines.
c) some drunk crazy person will damage it
d) I really don’t recommend driving in Munich as a foreigner.. do yourself a favour and use the metro! You’ll get anger attacks when using a car in Munich xD
4)Sometimes people ask me if it’s save to bring kids ..YES!
I mean yea.. its a beer festival and there are drunks everywhere no matter what time of the day it is but in the past I experienced that the security guards kick out everyone behaving too shady.
Also there’s several kids rides. So.. It is not a festival for kids but it’s no problem to take kids they’ll enjoy anyways with candy, balloons and fun rides.
5) Another thing is that you are allowed to drink beer and go into a beer tent from age 16. No matter what county you are from in Germany you can get wasted if you are +16. But note there’s another law saying that you are not allowed to stay out alone after 10pm if you are under 18.
6) Bring your ID with you! Or anything that proves your age. German security guards are not to be played with. No negotiations possible if they think you are too young they won’t let you in. They still check my friends who are +20 just saying you better take a proof at young age.
7) Oktoberfest is not an option for you if you don’t like being close to strangers, don’t like big masses of people, are easily annoyed by drunk, don’t like strangers coming up to you starting a convo, or are generally easily annoyed by others. Also if you don’t like loud music, rides or anything else this festival is about.
8) I saw online tours from different providers to the Oktoberfest and they have been extremely overpriced! So you might wanna plan that trip with your friends youself it will definitely save money.. and you will definitely meet other people there anyways if that’s the reason why you wanna go with a tour.
9) They offer many tents to tourists. . It’s your decision but remember this is Germany. . cold, rainy, windy.. you might wanna get a cheap hostel at the same price as the tent. Prolly it’s just a lil further away but it might be worth it.
You just need to take the metro to “Theresienwiese” and bam you are there.
I think I’d rather take a hostel but it’s just a recommendation.
10)You are looking for something cheaper?
There’s another festival just like Oktoberfest which is called PlΓ€rrer.
It’s just the same except for the fact that it’s only taking place in cities located in Schwaben (part of Bavaria ) and it is a little smaller.
And so are the cities and the costs for you arising.
Alcohol stays expensive though xD It’s alcohol. . What do you expect πŸ˜€

Feel free to ask me if you need any other help or advice πŸ˜‰

So have fun this fall! And I ll be there for sure! :D:)

21 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Guide 2015

  1. The Australian Consulate in Munich used put out a desk in their front office during Oktoberfest just to deal with drunken Australians that lost their passports and needed emergency travel documents to get home.
    Pro tip – Put your passport in a place that you, even at your drunkest, can’t misplace.

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