Winter in Norway – Tromsö +The northern lights safari

Hello guys,

so here’s another winterly post to get you in the mood.
My friend and I have been to Norwary in January.. and I can tell you…


Really wow.. I mean we are from Germany it’s not a particularly warm place but we experienced degrees of -40°C which is even for us incredibly cold.
But let’s start off at the beginning.


First of all we wanted to go there to see the northern lights and so we decided for a place far up in the north at the northcape of Norway. We were looking on the map and found out that it isn’t that easy to fly there as their airports are all really tiny and don’t have flights daily.
After some time of research we agreed on Tromsö. It’s an amazing place and the third larges city north of the Arctic Circle.
Most of Tromsø, including the city centre, is located on the island of Tromsöya which is connected to the mainland by the Tromsö bridge.

In winter the sun does not really show up in Norway what kind of makes it a little depressing getting up every day to the dark and staying in it but on the other hand it’s a once in a lifetime experience which you shouldn’t miss.


The city center of Tromsö is not too big and so it would be usefull to take a hotel in the city center from where you can walk everywhere as norway is kind of expensive. On the other hand it is probably too cold to walk .. so.. you’ll have to decide by yourself.

On our first night in Norway we took the northern lights safari which is really cool. You go drive through the mountain area and the “outback” of Norway with a mini van and stop and beautiful places to experience the northern lights.
You’ll be offered Thermosuits which you totally should accept they will keep you warm because as I mentioned before.. we’ve experiences down to -40°C. And no matter how ridiculous you may look .. believe me.. you want that suit!

Then there will be a little breakin with hot tea, coffee and cake.
By the end of the tour they will drive you back to your accommodation. I really enjoed that trip!

I can just really recommed this to anyone who goes there cut it’s amazing and another once in a lifetime experience.


Things you can do in Tromsö in Winter (except the obvious: Watching the Northern lights)

Walking around the town you can find the Tromsö Cathedral which is really beautiful and Tromsö University Museum.
Also the Christmas decoration during the Winter time is amazing!

Another this is to visit the Polaria which is some kind of museum (?)
You can watch movies about the northern lights you and cee seals swimming and being fed.
And you can walk around to read any kind of information given about Norway and the northern hemisphere.

Besides the Tromsö Cathedral theres also the Arctic Cathedral worth visiting.

Crossing the bridge you will notice that both sides are covered by a steel wire.
Apparently the suicide rate in Norway is really high during the winter months are there will be no sun up for about 3 months which ( I can tell from experience) can be really depressing.
We’ve been only staying there for 5 days but even after those 5 days I felt so sick and tired of the dark, to be honest.

Nevertheless our Tromsö trip was amazing and if you ever wanna go to Norway I think Tromsö might be the perfect place.
It’s cute and you feel like home there very soon just because everyone is so nice and it’s just really cute.



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