Baa Atoll and Scuba Diving Maldives

So hello guys
Yes I’m still alive 🙂

It’s been now almost a week that I have arrived here at the Maldives Resort in Landaa Giraavaru.


So far it’s been really amazing. I am working as an intern at the Marine Discovery Center of the Four Seasons Resort and I am so in love about this place.


I have been snorkeling and diving daily and have already met so many amazing under water creatures I am super excited!


The weather is super hot and mostly sunny. The water is perfect for diving and snorkeling as it doesn’t get too cold.  It has a constant temperature of about 27/28 degrees.


There are several activities you can join so don’t believe people that say you can only lay on the beach… These people are completely clueless and have obviously never been there.

So .. what can you do ?
– go on a dolphin cruise
– go snorkeling
– go on a sea turtle cruise
– go on a manta cruise
– go kitesurfing
– go night snorkeling
– go diving
– rent a jetskii boat
– rent a speedboat
– swimming
– go to shark feeding
– enjoy a sunset cruise on the ocean
– etc


Believe me there is really a lot to do here so it surely will never get boring here.


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