Visa free in China? How and Why? + Climbing the great wall of China

Hey there!

It’s me and I’m back!

Let me tell you how I stayed in China visa free.

Transit time in China:
As there is the possibility to stay in China 3 days Visa free for some nationalities I definitely took the advantage!
Well, why not? Visas cost time and money and I would like to avoid that 🙂
How can you stay visa free in China?
Well, that’s easy. First go online and check if your nationality is listed. Just google “china visa free countries” and see what counties show up.
Then all you got to do is travel to a third country. It is not allowed to travel for 3 days to china and then go back to the country you came from.
So here’s what I did:
I went to Seoul, to meet old friends and before going back to Europe I decided to stay 3 days in China.

You don’t have to do anything in advance, all you have to do is show the immagration officer your board card to prove where you came from and your ticket to prove when and where to you will be leaving. Tell them you want to stay 3 days visa free and your nationality. And you are set.
I was acutally surprised on how easy and quick that went 🙂

Are 3 days in Beijing enough????
Well, it always depens on the person travelling. I am that kind of person who just wants to see all the highlights of a place and then get on to the next one. I could never stay 2 weeks in one and the same place. I get bored so quickly. Also I love to be out of the hotel the entire day. So I start early in the morning and come back late at night.
So many people would consider that stressful as they want a more easy going vacation and that’s okay. So think to yourself, what kind of traveller am I? And how long would it take me to see all the things that I wanna see.
It’s always smart to plan in advace what things there are to discover and how to get there. I love to have my things set before leaving and I plan always in advance it’s fun to make plans! (for me 😀 )

Is it worth it??

YES! Definitely! Beijing is a huge, crowded and pretty polluted city and therefore I wouldn’t even recomment people to stay there long than 3 days. And i saw all I wanted. There are arranged day tours to the best places! With professional guides and private bus transfers. But always count in 2 hours more because you will be stuck in traffic for at least 2 hours. That’s Beijing! Cars, Cars, Cars. Another reason why 3 days are enough for Beijing.

And here the places I visited during those 3 days:
-Beijing downtown
– The great wall of China
– Summer Palace
-Temple of heaven
-The forbidden City
-Chinese Gardens & Parks
-The Ming Tombs
– Tian’men Square
-Beijing Zoo

3 thoughts on “Visa free in China? How and Why? + Climbing the great wall of China

  1. I’m glad you had a good time 🙂 I think Beijing is a really underrated tourist destination… sure it’s crowded and polluted, but there’s so much to see and some incredible history!


  2. I don’t feel like I could spend much time in China, but I’m interested in possibly going to see the Great Wall and maybe a few other things. The Great Wall looks pretty crowded in your photos…I know it’s a major attraction people want to see, but did you feel like it was overly touristy? or were you able to enjoy the exploration? When I went to see Niagara Falls I almost couldn’t be amazed by it, because I was so disappointed in the amount of tourism and nonsense going on around it. There were Elvis impersonators, and a crummy overpriced zipline attraction, and all sorts of ridiculous stuff going on. -_-

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well yes there’s a lot of people and also some Chinese school classes
      But I had a feeling that there are more Chinese tourists and people from other countries.
      It’s not too overcrowded though (in my opinion )
      Because most of the time you will be able to just walk without squeezing.
      But in this case on the stares it was really crowded
      But other that that it was okay

      And down on the ground you will have suvenir stores and that kind of stuff but nothing of this kind on the wall. Just visitors and 1 cafe.

      Liked by 1 person

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