Ireland Roundtrip Day 1

Hey Guys!

So this is my first day of my Ireland roundtrip. I arrived here today at 10am and took the “airlink” bus to the City Center of Dublin. This bus line is really the perfect way to get to Dublin its 7 Euro one way and takes between 30-45 Minutes. The traffic is not really bad  the buses have wifi!
That’s a big plus for Dublin as so many bigger cities have a horrible transportation from the airport to the city center. So thumbs up for Dublin!

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Zakopane & Tatra Mountains

20150811_152115 Kopie 20150811_152745 Kopie1

On our last full day in Poland we went to Zakopane, Zakopane is a little mountain city that is 2 hours from Krakow by car. You can go there by bus or train as well but it may take longer.
Anyways it is totally worth it, if you are a lover of mountains and polish architekture. All buildings there have their own style, Zakopansky style.
Many houses are made of wood and the roofs have been set deep as winters can be really hard here.
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Krakow: Jewish District, The former Jewish Ghetto and Schindler’s factory.

P1020376 20150809_094121 Kopie

Kazimierz is the jewish district in Krakow. We’ve visited a really nice Synagoge with a jewish grave yard. Still many visitors come to this grave yard to pay their respects. Back at the time of the second world war the people would hide the graves under the surface so they wouldn’t be destroit by the Nazis.
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