One of the most underrated countries

Hey Guys,

I just came back from my last journey and I loved it sooo much! It was an amazing place and I didn’t even know that before. It’s a little country in the heart of Europe and it’s definitely one of the most underrated and way too less travelled countries.

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Stare Miasto – Rynek Glowny – Wawel Castel

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Here I am back with a new Post about Krakow. This town is amazing,¬†it’s not only absolutely stunning but also has so much history. Wherever you look, you discover something amazing. Continue reading

Saltmine of Krak√≥w – Kopalnia Soli “Wieliczka “


Today I wen to the Saltmine in Krak√≥w it’s a mine 300 meters under ground with 9 floors, 2000¬† chambers and more than 300 square meters it would take like 6 months to discover the whole mine.
To tourists 20 chambers and 3 floors are available which already takes 2-3 hours to visit. There’s a lot to walk, you will walk about 3 kilometers and will still see only 1 % of the whole mine.

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