Last day on the RingRoad – Godbye Iceland

It’s a weird feeling waking up knowing it our last day. Over the past few days I actually got really used to this. Spending all day long on the road. ¬†Live in the car. Crazy storms. Cold, rainy weather. Super crazy sheep sleeping on the Road LOL Yes all of this has become so familiar and now its over already. Nevertheless we , of course, will enjoy our last day on the Road. First stop on the road was the geothermal area Krysuvik.¬†It’s like some kind of vulcanosystem under the earth. And it smells really bad xD It’s near Reykjavik and right next to the beautiful blue lake.
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Rockin’ The Ring Road

So.. after some pretty long time of not having access to any functional WiFi I am back!

So far me and my friend have made it almost once around the Ring Road and so far it’s been a freaking amazing and super funny trip! I can really recommend this to everyone. . Make a trip around the ring road!!!
It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are…
You can go camping or sleep in are van you can book hostels or hotels.
You can go hiking, riding a bicycle, take a bus, drive by car, tramp or even jog around the ring road. I’ve seen it all!

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