My first LAX experience



I’ve had never been away from home for so long! To be honest I was a little scared when I was sitting in the plane. The flight was schedule for 11 hours but it seemed to go so fast! When only 3 hours were left I knew it’s getting real now! And suddenly I wished that I would have a few more hours left. When we were flying over Canada and the Grand Canyon I knew I hand’t much more time on the plane.

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One year studying in the United States of America

After finishing High School I’ve applied to an international school in the United States and got accepted. So I had to start the planning. First of all no matter what age you need to apply for a student visa if you want to study in the USA – which includes lots of waiting surveys and other paperwork to do. After finally receiving my new passport, student visa and filling in all the documents required I could finally focus on what is really important!

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